In Celebration of Every Blooming Thing and One Owl…

The rear garden installation is coming along splendidly, which is amazing and exciting and I’m truly grateful. So why on earth does it feel like it’s creeping along at a hybrid pace born of a jackrabbit and a snail?

Because, as anyone who’s been through any type of home improvement can attest [no offense to the incredibly dedicated, brilliantly talented contractors], the installation process sucks. Planning is lovely. It’s all rose petals and pink bubbly. Once construction begins, it looks and feels like someone threw a month-long frat party and left you to clean up.

Don’t fall for those befores and afters. It’s the durings that tell the tale.

Two weeks in and I never, ever want to party again.

And the phrase it’ll be so lovely when it’s done

If anyone you know is going through a renovation, heed my advice. It’s okay to think it. Just don’t say it. [We know it will be lovely. We just can’t visualize it through the clouds of dust created by incessant jack-hammering…]

Since ‘impatiens’ was getting the better of me, and I was about to go all ‘snapweed,’ I had to give myself a bit of a pep-talk.

Stop whining and sniveling. Take a hike. If it blooms, take a blooming picture…

So I did.

In celebration of every blooming thing and one owl [because, well, owls and the people who rescue them]…

Even when complete, my tiny garden will hold nothing on the garden at large…

and its inhabitants…

Great Horned Owl Ambassador

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue

April 19, 2018



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