A Good Old-Fashioned ‘Sheep Jam’ [Don’t Worry. It’s Not A Recipe. For Anything Edible That Is…]


Raise your hand high if you love ’em.

That’s what I thought…

Such was our lot yesterday afternoon. Just couldn’t put them off any longer.

The universe must have heard our collective mumbled moans and groans, because we were barely under way when we hit a traffic jam.

I won’t insult you by asking you to raise your hands again.

At first we couldn’t tell what was holding up traffic, and of course we were hoping and praying it wasn’t an accident… and also wishing we’d procrastinated just one more day…

But then… to our delight…

It turned out to be a good old-fashioned ‘sheep’ jam…

Also known as open space ‘vegetation management.’

All it took to take our errands from chore to joy was a flock of sheep, a few adorable lambs, a couple of sheep dogs and a shepherd or two.

A perfect recipe for smiles all around…

P.S. Thank you Rocklin, California!











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